Paralyzed Veterans of America Buckeye Chapter member and U.S. Air Force veteran Sean Ferry was six months into a trying job search when he reached out to the PAVE program. Sean, who is paralyzed from the neck down (C4 – quadriplegic), wanted to be an engaged and contributing member of society but was having problems finding a job where he could work from home and use adaptive equipment necessary for his disability.

PAVE Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Genia Hachenberg, M.S., CRC, and Sean spent time discussing Sean’s passions, including computers, and also discussing adaptive equipment that could be used to accommodate employment. They explored employers who value disabled veterans and are willing to integrate adaptive equipment into their systems. They networked with several companies to see what accommodations are offered.

One of Genia’s colleagues shared information about JLodge, a quality assurance company that focuses on hiring Americans with disabilities. Sean applied for a position, had three interviews, passed their assessments, and was put into a pool of qualified candidates for the next employment class. Genia advocated for Sean with JLodge, working with them on the necessary accommodations and making sure their equipment would be compatible with Sean’s online keyboard and other equipment.

After Sean completed a requisite class he was hired as a Quality Analyst, and now works four hours a day, five days a week from home. Sean is empowered through employment while also having a schedule that lets him successfully manage his health.