Air Rifle / Air Pistol Rules


  • Open Category – Includes competitors who do not have a visible physical disability (PTSD, TBI and orthopedic injuries)
  • SH1 Category – Includes competitors with a permanent and visible physical disability (spinal cord injury, leg amputees, stroke)
  • SH2 Category – Includes competitors who do not have the ability to support the weight of the air rifle with their arms and therefore require a shooting stand (Upper body injuries, arm amputees)
  • SH3 Category – Includes competitors that are blind or visually impaired. Participant is considered to be legally blind at 20/200 with corrected vision.


*A minimum of three (3) competitors per disability category must be signed up in order for an event to be contested.

  • 10M Air Pistol (Open & SH1) - 10 shots in 15 minutes
  • 10M Air Rifle - Standing (Open, SH1 & SH2) -10 shots in 15 minutes
  • 10M Air Rifle - Prone (Open, SH1 & SH2) - 10 shots in 15 minutes
  • 10M Air Rifle - Kneeling (Open & SH1) - 10 shots in 15 minutes

A competitor may compete in a maximum of two events. The disability category in which a participant competes will remain consistent across all rifle events. For example, a participant competing in the SH1 Air Rifle – Standing will also compete in the SH1 Air Rifle – Prone. However, those participants competing in pistol will follow the pistol disability/classification group.


All three events will be contested from a distance of 10 meters. Air guns, fired with .177 cal. soft lead match pellets, fired from single shot target grade guns (approx. 500 – 750 fps) will be used. Guns are not field grade and no scopes or optics will be allowed. All events are slow fire, allowing for 10 shots in 15minutes. Male and female participants will compete in the same categories.

*Eye protection must be utilized at all times while on the firing line or in the firing area.


All participants are responsible for providing their own equipment. The host chapter may also have equipment available for competitors to utilize, and will provide compressed air and CO2. Please note that this is bulk fill air from a tank, not cylinders for individual guns, which cannot be provided by host chapters. Individuals must also provide their own fill adapters as not all guns use the same type of adapter.


All rifle competitors will be allowed to wear competition apparel that is legal under the rules set forth by PVA and USA Shooting, and those rules may be found on USA Shooting’s website: Shooting jackets may be worn by all competitors. Shooting pants may be worn by all Open category competitors, and SH1/SH2 competitors may utilize pants if they are not seated in a chair. No separate competition category will be offered for participants who do not wear legal shooting apparel.

Specific rules about the air guns, ammunition, targets, ranges and other competition equipment are available at the USA Shooting website:

Specific rules for participants with physical disabilities are available at the International Paralympic Committee’s shooting-specific website: 

For any questions regarding any PVA Shooting Sports event, please contact John Arbino, Associate Director for Shooting Sports, at or (202) 416-6463.