Are you looking for a fast-paced & challenging sport? Discover the excitement of lacrosse.
Paralyzed Veterans of America — in partnership with Wheelchair Lacrosse USA — sponsors wheelchair lacrosse clinics for veterans with spinal cord injuries and other injuries or disorders.

Upcoming Tournament: Big Cheese Classic
Although it’s played on a hockey rink instead of a field and uses a no-bounce ball, wheelchair lacrosse is very similar to its able-bodied counterpart. All the rules of the game remain the same.

While wheelchair lacrosse is typically a paraplegic sport, Paralyzed Veterans of America welcomes veterans with varying levels of spinal cord injury or disease to participate in the clinics. Able-bodied athletes are also welcome to play. The only requirement for participation is that all athletes agree to play in a wheelchair.
Two-day clinics offer training on the rules and technique of the game, including chair mobility, passing, catching and defense. At the end of each clinic, attendees break up into teams and play a full scrimmage.

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