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House passes funding for energy, VA, military projects
The House passed a fiscal 2019 spending package Friday that may actually make it to President Donald Trump’s desk and become the first spending bill signed into law on time since 2016. The three-bill bundle funding energy programs, the VA and military projects passed on a bipartisan 235-179 vote. It now heads to the Senate, where it stands a chance of passing as well.

Must implement VA reform law effectively
The VA Mission Act, signed into law by President Donald Trump on Wednesday, will go a long way toward ensuring our veterans finally receive the care they deserve. But getting the bill signed into law is only the first step on the road to lasting reform.

How military families can travel smart (and save!) this summer
Summer brings thoughts of shoreside escapes and mountain treks, and trips to theme parks with the kids. It doesn’t have to break the bank. Military community members should explore the discounts and vacation spots and activities available to them.