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VA facing another shortfall in Choice funding.
As of March 6, about $1.1 billion remained of the $2.1 billion in emergency funding that Congress approved for the Veterans Choice program in late December, Shulkin told lawmakers during a House budget hearing. If Congress doesn’t authorize more funding soon, the approximately one million veterans who use the program could be affected, he said.
Senators call on VA to fix problems with contractor paying for Vets’ health care.
Days after a Gazette story exposed shortcomings in the federal Veterans Affairs Choice program, 11 senators have fired off a letter to VA leaders calling for a fix to the system that provides private health care to veterans. The senators, including Colorado's Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, said the VA must do more to fix Colorado's Choice contractor Health Net, which they charge with "frustrating and completely avoidable" customer service problems…
Bill to Expand Mental Health Care For Veterans.
Veterans may get expanded access to mental health care. Senator John Cornyn is sponsoring a bill that would help veterans to get such care outside the Veterans Affairs system. Veterans are only eligible for VA health care if they received an honorable discharge. Cornyn’s bill would change that.