National Service Officers


Paralyzed Veterans of America specializes in providing services for veterans and service members who are severely injured or suffer disabling diseases. Services are free of charge and are offered from the time of disability to end of life.

For veterans or family members looking for assistance with learning about or applying for VA benefits, a local National Service Officer stands ready to assist. National Service Officers are accredited experts in VA benefits and legally represent veterans, dependents, and survivors before the VA and Board of Veterans Appeals.

Contact the nearest Paralyzed Veterans of America National Service Office to learn more or file a VA claim. If any one of Paralyzed Veterans' 72 National Service Offices are not in your area, contact the Veterans Benefits Department for help.


Paralyzed Veterans of America also deploys an army of volunteers, all paralyzed veterans themselves, through its 34 chapters that provide peer mentoring, information, and opportunities to participate in adaptive sports and recreation to newly injured and recovering paralyzed veterans in VA's 24 spinal cord injury & disease centers.

Membership in Paralyzed Veterans of America is offered in two forms: at-large and chapter.

At-large Membership is associated with the national Paralyzed Veterans of America office in Washington DC and is not affiliated with a particular chapter. At-large membership entitles members to a welcome packet, free subscription to our monthly member magazine Paraplegia News, and other benefits.

Chapter Membership is local to any one of 34 chapters around the country and Puerto Rico, and provides members the opportunity to volunteer, participate in functions and special events, and vote to elect leaders of the chapter.

Eligible veterans can become both at-large and chapter members, free of charge.


Contact the nearest Paralyzed Veterans Chapter to learn more about resources and volunteer opportunities.



Honorably discharged military veterans with paralysis due to a dysfunction of the spinal cord should contact the Paralyzed Veterans National Office or the local chapter to determine eligibility.



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