113th Congress, Second Session: Sufficient, Timely, and Predictable Funding for VA and Advance Appropriations

Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.As Congress and the current Administration continue to face immense pressure to reduce federal spending, Paralyzed Veterans of America (Paralyzed Veterans) cannot emphasize enough the importance of ensuring that sufficient, timely and predictable funding is provided to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  We anxiously await the budget submission to be released by the Administration that will include funding recommendations for VA programs for FY 2015, the advance appropriation recommendation for FY 2016, and presumably an updated analysis of the funding needs for health care programs for FY 2015.  We remain concerned that the funding levels being considered by the House and Senate Committees on Appropriations in their efforts to develop a final omnibus appropriations bill will be insufficient to address the continuously growing demand for VA health care services.   

Additionally, Paralyzed Veterans calls on the House to pass H.R. 813, the “Putting Veterans Funding First Act.”  We appreciate efforts to authorize advance appropriations for all VA discretionary accounts:  Medical and Prosthetic Research, General Operating Expenditures, Information Technology, National Cemetery Administration, Inspector General, Major Construction, Minor Construction, State Home Construction Grants, State Cemetery Grants and Other Discretionary Accounts.  While the enactment of advance appropriations authority for VA medical care has been successful in helping the VA health care system operate more efficiently and rationally during budget stalemates, the remaining VA budget accounts continue to be negatively affected by unrelated political and partisan fights.  We are fully committed to supporting your efforts to see H.R. 813 through to final passage.

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