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Ted Garcia from Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team

Team Member: Ted Garcia

Military service: U.S. Army 1969 - 1972

Hometown: Albuquerque. NM and Tucson, AZ

Paralyzed Veterans of America local chapter:  Southern Arizona VA HCS

How long have you been racing with Paralyzed Veterans Racing (PVR): Since November 2012

Ted says:  Guy, seventeen years old, lives for cycling competitions. He trained hard in his cycling club, and the day came when he was to take part in his first real race. His parents went with him to the starting line, giving last-minute advice.  Suddenly, the starting signal was given. His mother shouted, "Guy, be careful! Don't go too fast!"  --Anonymous

I’ve been riding a two wheeler since 2009, but had to trade it for a trike due to a brain aneurysm and stroke.  I love my trike and hard riding. I had a great time meeting some of the PVR teammates and racing this past El Tour de Tucson in November 2012 and again in 2013.  I look forward to riding and meeting more of the PVR teammates in Albuquerque and Redlands.

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    Paralyzed Veterans Racing: Ted Garcia