Elizabeth Green: 2013 PVA Education Foundation Grant Recipient

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Elizabeth Green
ADED, Inc.
Hickory, NC
$15,000 (one year)

Driving is a critical link to independence in terms of work, family and leisure and is a large component of quality of life for many individuals.  Paralysis often results in an inability to drive a vehicle.  However, the driver may have options available.  The services of a driver rehabilitation specialist (DRS) are often necessary to evaluate the driver’s capabilities and identify the specific types and styles of adaptive driving equipment necessary to getting back on the road.  This service is customized to each driver, and driver rehabilitation is required before modifications can be made to the driver’s vehicle. The DRS is key to this process.

Unfortunately, there are many areas of the country where there are no trained specialists available, or too few to serve the population.  With generous funding from Paralyzed Veterans of America, this grant project is designed to attract, train, and educate practitioners who can provide this valuable service in areas where there is an urgent need.  Paralyzed Veterans grant scholarships will allow practitioners to attend the 2013 ADED Annual Conference and Exhibits. ADED’s focus is to increase the knowledge base of those already in the field, and to attract new practitioners to the places they are needed most.

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    Elizabeth Green: 2013 PVA Education Foundation Grant Recipient