Michele Bart: 2013 PVA Education Foundation Grant Recipient

Michele Bart from HeadNorth of Del Mar, CASpinal Cord Injury Lecture Series and Symposia

Michele Bart
Del Mar, CA
$12,500 (one year)

HeadNorth will host a series of unique educational forums designed to bring together spinal cord injury (SCI) survivors and their families; caregivers; healthcare, rehabilitation and social service providers; as well as young researchers together for discussion and education.

The lecture series will be led by scientists on the leading edge of spinal cord regeneration research sharing findings and resources to SCI survivors and their caregivers as well as offering an opportunity for questions and answers about their research work. The goal of the series is to facilitate access to the latest information and resources available, to promote quality-of-life initiatives and to mobilize the SCI community to advocate on behalf of promising research.  The series will also provide a forum for clinical physicians and researchers to discuss current research findings to help clinical physicians bridge the information gap from the research bench to patients.
Additionally, HeadNorth will hold a one-day symposium with 70-80 postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and junior faculty to share biomedical and health-related research findings and challenges, providing them an opportunity to exchange ideas and expand scientific knowledge. By current estimates, more than 3,000 SCI survivors are in San Diego County, and an average of 120 people sustains new spinal cord injuries each year. The San Diego area is the hub of a number of leading research institutions including UCSD, Scripps, Salk Institute and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

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    Michele Bart: 2013 PVA Education Foundation Grant Recipient