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Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team member Scott Sweet

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Scott Sweet 

Military service: Navy for 17 years

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Paralyzed Veterans of America local chapter:  Florida Gulf Coast

How long have you been racing with Paralyzed Veterans Racing: one year

Scott says: I struggled for a long time after I was injured to find something that I could do that really pushed the limits of my body, I tried several other sports until I finally found handcycling. 

In January of 2011, I competed in the Melbourne Music Marathon in Melbourne Florida. This is the very first race of the year for the United States Handcycling Federation series and is where I met Jody Shiflett for the first time. He gave me the rundown on what Paralyzed Veterans Racing (PVR) was all about, and what I needed to do to be part of the team. 

As I began racing with PVR, I started meeting some of the most inspirational people, good people that you just want to hang out with and learn from.  It was if I was back with my military buddies, and for me, this is the best part of PVR. 

The second best part is racing, when I get to see if I have been working harder than everyone else. We have some really dedicated riders on our team so we are constantly pushing each other as far as we can, which usually leads to very lively post race harassment and congratulations! 

Get a handcycle, train hard and get involved. You’ll be glad you did!.

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    Paralyzed Veterans Racing: Scott Sweet