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Geoff Hopkins, Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team

Team Member:

Geoff Hopkins

Military service: Served in the U.S. Army for four years

Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA

Paralyzed Veterans of America local chapter:  Mid-Atlantic PVA

How long have you been racing with Paralyzed Veterans Racing: Racing with the team since it began several years ago.

Geoff says: I started the Paralyzed Veterans Racing (PVR) Team around 2008 when Paralyzed Veterans of America began receiving funding from US Paralympics. Andy Krieger, Director of Sports at Recreation at Paralyzed Veterans, knew I had a passion in cycling so he told me to run with it.

I worked with the program for awhile, and then Jody Shiflett came on board and has taken the team to a mucher higher level. He's done a fabulous job getting hundreds of veterans with disabilities to compete with the team and continues to provide awesome adapted cycling clinics around the country. Jody encourages all of the team members to help raise awareness for Paralyzed Veterans and work with veterans with newer injuries so that they too can get into the sport of cycling.

I continue to race with the team because I enjoy the camaraderie and helping the newer younger cyclists. This year we have an awesome team with a lot of great team members who want to give back to the sport. Paralyzed Veterans has done a lot for me, and I always want to do anything I can for them.

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    Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team: Geoff Hopkins