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Joe Beimfohr, Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team

Team Member:

Joe Beimfohr

Military service: Served 11 years as a Cavalry Scout in the U.S. Army, medically retired in 2006 as a Staff Sergeant from the wounds received from an IED attack in Iraq in July of 2005

Hometown:  Tampa, FL

Paralyzed Veterans of America local chapter:  Florida Gulf Coast

How long have you been racing with Paralyzed Veterans Racing: Started racing with Paralyzed Veterans Racing (PVR) in 2009. Geoff Hopkins asked him to race with the team for the Survivor Harbor 7 race in Baltimore, MD.

Joe says: I got involved with PVR because I wanted to race at a more competitive level. Since most of the team are veterans, there's already a common bond between us, and we are able to look out for each other, both on and off the race course. Many of my training partners are PVR members, and I have travelled to other cities to race or to train, and I'm always able to call a PVR member to show me around or train with me.

The support that Paralyzed Veterans of America gives us helps ease the high cost of travelling and attending races since most of us live off of our disability benefits alone. I wouldn't be able to race as much as I do without Paralyzed Veterans' support.

The biggest benefit for me is the opportunity to give back and help mentor newly injured veterans or people with disabilities. I can share my story with them and show them that as long as they have the will to try new experiences, they can acheive more than they ever thought possible.

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    Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team: Joe Beimfohr