Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team: Francisco Abreu

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Francisco Abreu, Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team

Team Member:  Francisco Abreu

Military service: US Army from 1973 to 1975, PFC

Hometown: Miami Gardens, FL

Paralyzed Veterans of America local chapter:  Southern Florida PVA

How long have you been racing with Paralyzed Veterans Racing: This is my first year!

Francisco says: I did my first race with Paralyzed Veterans Racing (PVR) in Melbourne, FL, February 3, 2013. That is the only race so far due to some medical complications, but I'm planning to do many more.

When I competed at Melbourne, I was only thinking of doing the half marathon, but when I saw all those exceptional riders, I changed my mind and did the marathon even though I was not in shape.  After I finished the race, an awesome feeling came to me, and I love it.

I'm in love with handcycling, and I like all my teammates very much. I hope one day I will be good enough for them to be proud of me like I am of them.

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