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Shelly D. Stewart from Operation PAVE
Shelly D. Stewart, Associate Director PAVE Services

Contact her at:

Operation PAVE Helps Employers by:

  • Sharing screened job candidates who match employers’ immediate and long-term needs
  • Streamlining the hiring process for private and public sector human resources staff and hiring managers
  • Helping employers access state and federal government resources available for workplace adaptations when needed
  • Remaining available as a post-employment resource
  • Enabling employers to make and keep promises to hire more veterans and diverse disability populations

View slides from Operation PAVE presentation at the Boston Hiring Our Heroes Event Oct 2014 at this link.

Operation PAVE has added a new vital position of “employer network coordinator” to expand and deepen relationships with human resources leaders in companies committed to hiring PAVE veterans and to strengthen relationships with companies interested in hiring veterans.

Contact Shelly today to see how PAVE can get you started with hiring veterans.


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