Operation PAVE Success Stories

Air Force Veteran Leon MalleryLeon Mallery: "I tried doing it on my own and got nowhere,” he says. “There is so much that organizations like PAVE can do for veterans like me and those with disabilities. If you’re a veteran looking for employment, Operation PAVE and the Wounded Veteran and Caregiver Employment Conference is a great place to start." Read Leon's story.           

Military caregiver Pilar Gardner and her family.Pilar Gardner: After one phone call, Pilar knew she had found the person she had wished for to listen and simply hold her hand.

“From the very first moment, I felt like I was not alone,” Pilar says. “I cried with her (Joan, her PAVE counselor); I shared my thoughts, challenges and fears. It’s made all the difference to know Joan is there.” Read Pilar's story.               

Marine Corps veteran Daniel StansellDaniel Stansell: “Operation PAVE is an outlet for our veterans to discover that they still have a purpose or a call in life. It’s all a matter of figuring out what a veteran wants to do and then finding an advocate like Operation PAVE.” Read Daniel's story.

Caregiver Thedra Adams with her Air Force veteran husband Bobby.Thedra Adams: “Joan (PAVE counselor) has been my advocate, my friend, my solace; she’s been a whole lot of things to me. Most employers don’t understand the gap in my resume, but Joan and Operation PAVE understand that it’s really not a gap, that what I’ve done as a caregiver is valuable experience.”  Read Thedra's story.         

Army veteran Dan CoutureDan Couture: “So many veterans – especially those of us who are older after having served in the military for so long – are lost. Operation PAVE can help you find a good job not only for yourself but your family as well.”  Read Dan's story.

Air Force veteran David RiggsDavid Riggs: "The dream job for me is something that is purposeful, gives back to the community and makes a difference to other people." Read David's story.

Navy veteran Robert KitchenRobert Kitchen: "I don’t see obstacles in my way but opportunities, and I’ll usually try to find a way to work through it,” Kitchen says. “There’s typically a solution for every obstacle out there. I don’t see myself with limitations."   Read Robert's story.

Navy veteran Richard DzenowskiRichard Dzenowski: “The PAVE program keeps you in its sight for an extended period of time. They continue to follow up with you even after you’re in a job to see how they can help you." Read Richard's story.

Denita HartfieldDenita Hartfield: "(Joan, her Operation PAVE counselor) was so encouraging and honestly understood the struggles of veterans who work so hard to return to the workforce,” Read Denita's story

Paralyzed Veterans of America member Elias RojasElias Rojas: “I was always hopeful and positive despite my injury. Paralyzed Veterans worked with me, each step of the way—from figuring out what I wanted to do to matching me with an employer. I couldn’t have done it without Paralyzed Veterans of America.”    Read Elias' story.

Kevin Hillery: "(Paralyzed Veterans') help is huge. I wouldn't be able to do it without them," Kevin said. Sticking with me, tracking me through school and employment, and networking is always going to be a great help.” Read Kevin's story.

Veteran Davette JonesDavette Jones: “To overcome all the obstacles an illness like multiple sclerosis has placed in my path to success is no small task,” Jones said. “Paralyzed Veterans of America has been there every step of the way. ”Read Davette's story.

Maurice BullardMaurice Bullard: Summing up his PAVE experience, Bullard says "I love the program; it really changed everything for me. If you are a veteran who is motivated, you will go far. I've seen it happen—it happened to me." Read Maurice's story.

veteran William BryantWilliam Bryant:  Bryant speaks as loudly for Pattrice , his PAVE counselor, as she did for him. “I wouldn’t have my current job without her. I might not have even tried. Without PAVE, I would have given up." Read William's story.

Operation PAVE veteran Bryan ChaneyBryan Chaney: “I really listen and try and make sure that they’re meeting their career goals,” Cristina, Bryan's Operation PAVE counselor, says.  “My goal is not to get someone any job, but to get them a job that works for them and their employer.” Read Bryan's story.

Paralyzed Veteran Colton CoryColton Cory: "Even when Jim (Colton's PAVE Counselor) wasn't available, he would put me in touch with the right people who could help me." Read Colton's story.

Paralyzed Veterans of America member LeMar Murphy

LeMar Murphy says  “I’m not one to let things stop me—not even spinal cord injury,” he said. “I’ll do whatever needs to be done to keep moving forward. Read LeMar's story.

Disabled veteran Richard FouhyRichard Fouhy: "We as veterans have a great team behind us in the form of Paralyzed Veterans of America and the VA. Use their resources as I have, and they will help you all the way.” Read Richard's story.

Patrick HermanPatrick Herman: “If it was not for Joan Haskins at Paralyzed Veterans of America,” he says, “I would not be here. I was at the bottom of the food chain, homeless, with mental and alcohol problems that were made worse by an aneurysm when she got in touch with me. Read Patrick's story.

Paralyzed Veterans of America member Eric Lorence

Eric Lorence says of PAVE, “It’s good; it’s very good. Soldiers getting out of the army, especially with injuries, need a little help.  Especially with the economy as it is now, even able-bodied people need help getting jobs, so this kind of help for veterans is great.” Read Eric's story.

Paralyzed Veterans member Stephen WillobyStephen Willoby describes the difference in Haskins (his Operation PAVE counselor) and his previous counselor as night and day. “She listened, understood, said ‘why not?’ and immediately began to find out just what obstacles lay ahead of me and how we could together overcome them.” Read Stephen's story.

Paralyzed Veterans of America member Marlon Benn
Marlon Benn
: “If it wasn’t for (Paralyzed Veterans of America), I wouldn’t have known about the school, and they’ve tried to help me find a job." Read Marlon's story.

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