Operation PAVE: Paving Access for Veterans Employment

 In 2007, Paralyzed Veterans of America launched its vocational rehabilitation and employment program, PAVE (Paving Access for Veterans Employment). With offices now co-located in VA medical centers in Tampa, Richmond, San Antonio, Chicago, Minneapolis and Long Beach, Operation PAVE serves veterans nationwide using a hybrid, integrated approach to assist veterans and transitioning service members who face significant barriers to employment, as well as their spouses and caregivers.

The PAVE program uses an evidence-based, holistic intervention model that incorporates both traditional and nontraditional vocational strategies and best practices to build the framework for a veteran-centric program that addresses their many challenges to employment.

  • Proactive, rapid engagement 
  • High touch, individualized assessment
  • Integrated services (access to additional resources)
  • Traditional services (job search skills/preparation)
  • Active Employer Engagement
  • Partner for Life Guarantee


Partners for Life

Paralyzed Veterans of America member speaks with his National Service OfficerPAVE’s unique, veteran-based supported employment model means counselors work as partners for life to ensure veterans and their families not only find employment, but maintain it -- a measure that takes PAVE a step above and beyond traditional vocational rehabilitation models.

To find out more about the PAVE program, contact Shelly Stewart at 202-416-7795 or shellys@pva.org.  


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    Operation PAVE: Paving Access for Veterans Employment