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Paralyzed Veterans of America Architecture spreads the word about the importance of accessible design through lectures, books, and magazine articles. We give seminars on a comprehensive barrier-free philosophy to architects, developers, and public officials. We also teach accessibility to college-level architecture students—they are the designers of the future, and will soon have an important impact on our built and landscaped environment.

Accessible Design Awards

Paralyzed Veterans Architecture recognizes excellence in accessible design through awards:

  • Future City® 
    Paralyzed Veterans Architecture sponsors this design competition for middle school students.
  • Barrier Free America
    Our own Paralyzed Veterans of America award recognizes outstanding accessible design achievements of exemplary built projects around the United States.


Design Solutions: Improving Long-Term Care
Mark Goeller, AIA (PN Magazine - February 2012)
The nursing home of the past is giving way to a new and healthier approach to living in a long-term care environment. Read more

Technology Meets Accessibility
Maryia A. Boykins (PN Magazine - Sept 2011)
Technology has changed our lives in ways too numerous to count, and as much as some may hate to admit, it has become our best friend. We get frustrated with it when we don’t understand it, praise it when something brilliant happens, and replace it the minute it fails! Yes, technology is our friend, and no matter how you feel about it, at some point you will have to deal with it.

The same goes for accessibility. Whether it’s during parenthood, old age, or a disability, accessibility challenges will affect almost everyone. Read more


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