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architecture - accessible facilityOur Work

Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) Architecture focuses specifically on healthcare to improve the well being of veteran patients. Our work involves monitoring all VA facilities that serve spinal cord injury/disease (SCI/D) patients. PVA Architects:

  • Are advocates for the patient and have unique expertise in the design of healthcare environments for SCI/D veterans
  • Fight for accessible, state-of-the-art SCI/D inpatient and outpatient facilities that maximize a patient's independence
  • Bring their expertise to the design team for all VA SCI/D design and construction projects
  • Help write and update the VA's Design Guide for SCI/D Centers thus advocating for the highest quality standards for all new SCI/D facilities

Current Projects

Below is the list of major projects PVA Architecture is currently working on in healthcare.

Brockton, Massachusetts
96-Bed Long Term Care SCI/D Center

Bronx, New York
46- Bed Acute Care, 46-Bed Long Term Care SCI/D Center

Cleveland, Ohio
38- Bed Acute Care SCI/D Center & Coming soon 26- Bed Long Term Care SCI/D Center

Dallas, Texas
30- Bed Long Term Care SCI/D Center

Denver, Colorado
30-Bed Acute Care SCI/D Center

Hampton, Virginia
64- Bed Long Term Care SCI/D Center

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
38- Bed Acute Care SCI/D Center

San Diego, California
30- Bed Acute Care, 20-Bed Long Term Care SCI/D Center

San Juan, Puerto Rico
20-Bed Acute Care SCI/D Center

St. Louis, Missouri
30- Bed Acute Care SCI/D Center

Syracuse, New York
20- Bed Acute Care SCI/D Center

Tampa, Florida
70-Bed Acute Care, 30-Bed Long Term Care SCI/D Center


accessible hospital roomThe Psychology of Color in Healthcare
Maryia A. Boykins, Assoc. AIA  (PN Magazine - August 2009)
Color therapy, also known as chromatherapy, is the principle that certain colors are infused with healing powers. The seven colors of the rainbow improve balance and healing in the mind and body. This form of therapy also works in conjunction with hydrotherapy and aromatherapy to enhance the healing effect. 
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Healing Environments
McCaughan Morrison (PN Magazine - Feb 2011)
Nature does a multitude of good for our minds and bodies. A quick stroll around the block can boost a midday work slump, and a sunny day can help cure the winter blues. So, how can nature help people who find themselves in a hospital environment? Look to evidence-based design (EBD). 
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