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Paralyzed Veterans of America's public service announcements (PSAs) are available for television, radio and website airings. If you would like to support this campaign by running these PSAs in donated media, please contact us at or 800-424-8200.

View our latest video/public service announcement (PSA) below: Paralyzed Veterans of America National President Al Kovach, Jr, says, "We provide one-on-one support tailored to your individual needs including healthcare advocacy, benefits support, and career assistance."

Assisting Our Nation's Veterans: "We provide one-on-one support tailored to your individual needs."  

Jabari Wright: "Paralyzed Veterans of America took what I was doing in the military and helped me translate that to meaningful employment in the civilian sector." 

Alberto Velasco: "Mentally and physically, I was done. I don't know where I would be without Paralyzed Veterans of America."

James Carville: "I respect all who served and sacrificed for our country, and I am especially honored to support Paralyzed Veterans of America."

Ben Affleck: "I am proud to support Paralyzed Veterans fo America. They make sure veterans with spinal cord injury get the care and support they need at no cost to them."

Ian Ralston:  “Serving our Veterans”  tells the story of Army Medic Ian Ralston, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  In 2010, Ian suffered a catastrophic war injury when he was hit by an improvised explosive device (IED), resulting in paralysis from the neck down.

John Vail: After his injury - "I'm looking for one person, one contact that can help me." That person was Stephen Bush from Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Eric Lorence: "Paralyzed Veterans of America helped me write a resume, got me a job interview and I got the job."

National Service Officers: "We have an entire generation of men and women who have seen war and are going to need voices." --Sherman Gillums, Paralyzed Veterans of America's Benefits Department

Felipe Adams, U.S. Army (Ret.): "The first thing he (his National Service Officer) asked me, even before my name, was: are you being taken care of as a veteran? I thought that was pretty good."

John Bennett, Army National Guard (Ret.): "My best ally was Paralyzed Veterans of America."

Peter Herrick: "Without PVA, I really honestly believe I'd still be in the hospital."

Lance Gieselmann: "PVA, from the very beginning of my injury, has always been there for me."

Ben Affleck: "Surely those who have sacrificed so much, deserve no less."

Nick Orchowski: Paralyzed Veterans of America helps Army corporal whose spinal cord was fractured in an ambush while he was serving in Iraq.

Jason Neilson was paralyzed by a sniper while stationed in Iraq. He discusses how Paralyzed Veterans of America helped him following his injury.

 What if your brother, your husband, your daughter or your son came back from the service with a spinal cord injury? Paralyzed Veterans is there to help injured veterans and their families get the benefits they deserve.

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness featuring Norma Smith, U.S. Air Force

National Service Officer featuring Carlos Leon, U.S. Marine Corps

Helping Our Heroes featuring Andy Robinson, U.S. Marine Corps

Caregiver featuring James Miner, U.S. Navy and Phon Miner

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