Learn About Veterans Volunteer Programs at Paralyzed Veterans of America

Volunteering at the National Veterans Wheelchair GamesParalyzed Veterans of America volunteers do invaluable work that makes a real difference to veterans, their communities and Paralyzed Veterans' chapters.

Volunteering can change your life, too. Why is it so rewarding?

  • Volunteers make their communities a better place to live.
  • You can work for an organization and mission you believe in.
  • Having a positive impact on others feels great.
  • You can meet new people and develop new leadership skills.
  • Family volunteering lets you spend time with loved ones while helping others.
  • Volunteering is fun!  

Start Volunteering Today

Becoming a Paralyzed Veterans volunteer has never been easier. Each PVA chapter offers its own volunteer program with a variety of opportunities to contribute, plus you can commit to as many hours as you choose. Find the PVA chapter closest to you.

Veterans Administration Voluntary Service Program (VAVS)

Another avenue for volunteering is through your local Veterans Administration (VA). Contact the Department of Veterans Affairs facility nearest you and ask for Voluntary Service. Tell their staff of your interest in becoming a VAVS Volunteer. The staff will take care of everything else including your interview, orientation, and assignment!

You are still assisting Paralyzed Veterans because when you register with the VA, you can let them know that you are volunteering your time in the name of Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Membership Staff Contact Information:

Christi Hillman
800-424-8200 Ext. 776
Fax 202-416-1250

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    Learn About Veterans Volunteer Programs at Paralyzed Veterans of America