Americana Gala


The annual fundraising gala is an inspirational event that honors extraordinary leaders and highlights the vital role that Paralyzed Veterans’ programs have on improving the quality of life for veterans with disabilities.

Wheelchair Games


Since 1981, the National Veterans Wheelchair Games brings together more than 500 wheelchair athletes for a week of competition and camraderie.



Learn more about the sponsorship opportunities available in motorsports.


Vocational Rehabilitation


Learn more about the sponsorship opportunities in Vocational Rehabilitation.


Custom Opportunities


Learn more about the custom sponsorship opportunities available with Paralyzed Veterans of America.


At Paralyzed Veterans, we believe that with the right partnerships its possible to achieve anything. Thats why our corporate partners provide such vital support to our nation's paralyzed heroes.

Your partnership with and sponsorship of Paralyzed Veterans is a great way to show your support of our brave men and women and its an excellent way to share your brand with our millions of existing supporters across the nation.

You are also aligning your company with a visionary organization that has an enviable track record of success and an absolute determination to accomplish impressive future goals. Paralyzed Veterans invites you to partner and to sponsor.

Partnership opportunities include: 

  • Cause-Marketing Partnerships
  • Fund Research Grants to make breakthroughs in spinal cord medicine.
  • In-Kind Donations such as volunteering your time.
  • Interactive Advertising such as brand promotion on our website.  
  • Print Advertising that targets specialized audiences.
  • Product Donations that can help raise vital resources.  
  • Special Fundraising Events that raise awareness, build brand trust and raise money for Americas paralyzed veterans.

Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Database/Mailing List Rental
  • The Americana Gala
  • The National Veterans Wheelchair Games   
  • Paralyzed Veterans Bass Tournament
  • Paralyzed Veterans National Trapshoot Circuit  
  • Paralyzed Veterans Rehabilitation Fund for U.S. Veterans of the Wars in Iraq or Afghanistan

Upcoming Events

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