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Mark Shepherd_Paralyzed Veterans of America

Sports Spotlight: Mark Shepherd

“Being involved in sports and being around other people with disabilities, being disabled just becomes a new normal. I see these vets who have lost limbs, or suffered from TBI or PTSD, and each of them has a smile on their face similar to the look that was on mine once they realize there’s something out there they can do. Sports takes you outside of your disability and gets you back into life.”


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Slalom at the 33rd Natl Veterans Wheelchair Games

34th National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Philly: Where Heroes Make History


As the 2013 National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Tampa came to a close, planning is under way for the 34th Games to be held Aug. 12–17, 2014, in Philadelphia.


Softball at the 32nd National Veterans Wheelchair Games

Studies Show Link Between Adaptive Sports and Employment


“In my own experience, once I realized I could still live an active sports and recreation lifestyle, everything else – going back to work, continuing education, starting new activities – became second nature,” said Ernie Butler, sports director for Paralyzed Veterans of America.


Adaptive sports are here, and Paralyzed Veterans of America is leading the way to bring them to you! There's a sport for everyone, no matter your level of ability -- even if you have never tried wheelchair sports before. We offer competition for all abilities and experience in a variety of adaptive sports and recreational activities.

Sports have therapeutic benefits on physical, mental, and social well-being. In addition, adaptive sports and recreational activities have been show to help alleviate or lessen secondary infections, depression, or other conditions that individuals with spinal cord injury are more prone to experience.

Paralyzed Veterans' Sports and Recreation programs help our members and all veterans with a disability get back into life. The National Veterans Wheelchair Games (co-presented annually with the Department of Veterans Affairs), Bass Tour, Trapshoot Circuit, Billiards Circuit, Bowling Circuit, and the Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team demonstrate the many and varied activities we provide to ensure an active lifestyle remains a possibility for veterans with catastrophic injuries. Our programs are open to all individuals -- with any disability including amputation, traumatic brain injury, post traumatic stress disorder, or neurological disorders such as MS or ALS. Only the National Veterans Wheelchair Games are exclusively for military veterans.

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