Help for Veteran Job Seekers

Shelly D. Stewart from Operation PAVE
Shelly D. Stewart connects veterans to PAVE counselors and other employment resources. Contact her at:

Operation PAVE helps veterans, families, and caregivers by:

  • Placing veterans in jobs
  • Preparing veterans for work
  • Guiding veterans with real-world resume and interview training
  • Linking veterans to vocational and educational opportunities
  • Building bridges through internships, volunteer positions, and education
  • Offering a one-stop resource for navigating veterans benefits and claims
  • Following up to help veterans move themselves forward
  • Partnering for life

Other resources:

Hiring Our Heroes_logoUS Chamber of Commerce
Hiring Our Heroes:
Resume Builder  


Man in wheelchair on construction siteDepartment of Veterans Affairs:
Veterans Employment
Tool Kit



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