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Paralyzed Veterans Racing Profile: Charles McDonald

“What’s nice about being around the veterans in Paralyzed Veterans of America Racing is that so many are racing and competing at a high level,” McDonald says. “It’s a nice atmosphere to be around folks who are training and achieving and not focusing on our disabilities.”

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2017 Racing Schedule


Find the latest information on the Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team schedule including the US Handcycling Series and marathons including handcycles


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Adaptive Handcycling Clinics


The Paralyzed Veterans of America Adaptive Cycling Clinics are open to veterans and the general public, novice to experienced riders.

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Paralyzed Veterans Racing: Reimbursement


For Paralyzed Veterans Racing team members only: Find information about expense reimbursement at the link below.



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Paralyzed Veterans of America's Fitness and Wellness program began with a goal of getting more paralyzed veterans and others with disabilities out in recreational activities such as handcycling, wheelchair racing, triathlons and other high energy sports.  Paralyzed Veterans had been providing wheelchair basketball, softball, quad rugby and other traditional sports for many years, but it was time to venture into other heart rate-raising opportunities.
Specifically the Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team, which is comprised of paralyzed veterans and other veterans with disabilities, competes at cycling and marathon events around the country.  The team focuses on races such as those on the US Handcycling Racing Series; cycling races which help veterans get into the pipeline to excel. The team has two levels of support available to qualifying athletes (Open/A-Team) and also involves other athletes on the team as Associate Members. Associate Members don't receive stipends and are vetted by a current active team member. Finally, each team member is independent in their ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). In cases that members need assistance with their ADLs and/or other necessary personal support to race, that coordination and cost will be the sole responsibility of the athlete.
The Fitness and Wellness Program also works with Paralyzed Veterans chapters, VA hospitals and others in setting up adapted cycling programs in their areas.  In addition, we also work with Invacare Top End in providing one-day handcycling clinics to clinicians and participants all over the country.


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