Long Term Care Services & Support

Paralyzed Veterans of America believes that access to long term services and support that are affordable and provide a continuum of quality of care to Paralyzed Veterans members and all persons with or without disabilities in need are essential to the health and well being of such individuals.

Recent News/Information

November 2014: Green House Project Provides Innovative Approach to Long-Term Skilled Nursing Care 

November 18, 2013: The Huffington Post - The Policy Challenges of Long-Term Caregiving

October 30, 2013: The Hill - Time has come to address the challenges of long-term care 

October 25, 2013: VA Vantage Point - VA Provides Long-Term Care Options to Veterans 

August 6, 2013: VA Reaches Out to Veterans about Affordable Care Act

January 3, 2013: Repeal of CLASS Legislation Affects Americans with Long-Term Care Needs, Including Disabled Veterans

April 4, 2012: Why the Affordable Care Act is Important for Veterans with Disabilities 

February 17, 2012: House Repeals CLASS Long-Term Care Program

April 26, 2011: Comments on CMS Proposed Rule for “Medicaid Program: Community First Choice Option  

April 2011: Proposed rule. Medicaid Program; Community First Choice Option  

Paralyzed Veterans Applauds HHS Secretary Sebelius for Commitment to CLASS Act

‘Money Follows the Person’ & ‘Community First Choice Option’ Receive Additional Funds 

The ADA @ 20 -- Groundbreaking Law Celebrated by America's Paralyzed Veterans

Handicap Parking Abuse 

From Families USA - In Perspective: A Closer Look at How the Affordable Care Act Helps Everyone

From the AARP Public Policy Institute -Weathering the Storm: The Impact of the Great Recession on Long-Term Services and Supports


Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS): http://www.cms.hhs.gov/
Toll-Free: 877-267-2323 (Employee directory available) 
TTY Toll-Free: 866-226-1819

Advance CLASS: www.advanceclass.org

From Health and Human Services: http://www.healthcare.gov/



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    Long Term Care Services & Support