Find Disability Rights Information & Resources Offers People with Disabilities Forum to Share Air Travel Experiences, launched in January 2016 by Paralyzed Veterans of America, enables passengers with disabilities who utilize air travel to share positive and negative stories about their experiences.


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The Americans with Disabilities Act


July 26, 2015, marked 25 years of progress made since the passage of the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). But more work still needs to be done.


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Paralyzed Veterans of America Continues Advocacy for Accessible Air Travel


Paralyzed Veterans of America continues its commitment to expanding accessible travel options for passengers with disabilities.



Measure Approving Tax-Free Disability Savings Accounts Moves Forward

Legislation passed by the US House of Representatives is an incremental first step in helping individuals with disabilities plan financially for the future but still falls short of helping all disabled prepare for long-term care and other expenses.


Paralyzed Veterans Applauds Efforts to Boost Employment of People with Disabilities

“Overall this is a very solid set of recommendations, and we’re happy to support them in their advancement,” said Susan Prokop, senior associate advocacy director for Paralyzed Veterans of America. “We’ve endorsed the public policy proposals, but there is some tweaking that could be made to better address some challenges particular to veterans with disabilities.”


Core to Paralyzed Veterans of America 's mission is helping veterans and all people with spinal cord injury and disease (SCI/D) enjoy the high quality of life they deserve.

Through Paralyzed Veterans of America's Advocacy Program, Paralyzed Veterans offers up-to-date disability rights information and resources on this website. Paralyzed Veterans further advocates for people living with SCI/D through speaking out on Capitol Hill and by working with federal agencies such as the Department of Justice to see that nondiscrimination laws are implemented and enforced.

People with Disabilities and Serious Health Conditions: The top five things you need to know about the Affordable Care Act





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