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man in wheelchair just exited down a ramp in an urban buildingParalyzed Veterans of America is the only veterans organization with on-staff architects that provide design assistance to veterans. Paralyzed Veterans architects are specialized in accessible design and have extensive experience.

PVA Architecture seeks to promote an accessible, barrier-free environment. We advocate for accessible design in architecture and construction industries. PVA Architecture helps to develop building codes and standards for the entire nation and serve on federal advisory committees to further define the ADA guidelines. These standards and laws extend beyond veterans’ rights, they benefit EVERYONE. 

With the unique design knowledge of Paralyzed Veterans’ Architects, many public buildings, stadiums, courthouses, memorials, and other structures are made more accessible and enjoyable by the public.
We are proud of our service to veterans. We strive to enhance the quality of life for people living with a spinal cord injury, spinal cord disorders, and anyone with mobility impairments.

Contact PVA Architecture at: (202) 416-7645 or

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