Report on Federal Employment of People with Disabilities

jobs section of a newspaper laid on an American flagIn 2000, President Clinton issued an executive order to increase the number of federal employees by 100,000.  Little progress was made toward that goal, and in 2010, Executive Order 13548 required agencies to submit recruiting and training plans, increase retention and “return to work” of people with disabilities, and report results of employment efforts.  This report for FY 2012 was issued in December 2013.

Each Federal agency submitted a Disability Plan outlining goals and strategies, and employees from more than 56 agencies have been trained on recruitment techniques, the Schedule A Hiring Authority for People with Disabilities, reasonable accommodation, and the Department of Defense’s Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP). They have also received training on helping employees who become ill or injured on the job to return to work. (Under Schedule A, individuals with disabilities are eligible for excepted service positions within the federal government and to apply non-competitively to merit promotion announcements. Schedule A has been a strong tool to increase federal employment of people with disabilities. OPM recently issued final regulations, simplifying the Schedule A hiring process for job applicants with disabilities). 

Major findings in the report include:  There are more people with disabilities in Federal service both in real terms and by percentage than at any time in the past 32 years.  People with disabilities were hired at the highest percentage in 32 years.

In FY 2012, total full-time permanent employees with disabilities, including 30 percent or more disabled veterans, increased from 203,694 in FY 2011 to 219,975, an increase from 10.97 to 11.89 percent.  In FY 2012, full-time permanent new hires with disabilities, including 30 percent or more disabled veterans, totaled 16,653, representing an increase from 14.65 percent in FY 2011 to 16.31 percent in FY 2012.  Schedule A disability appointee new hires totaled 1,539, an increase from 0.98 percent in FY 2011 to 1.51 percent in FY 2012. Permanent GS 14 and 15 new hires with disabilities totaled 683, an increase from 12.24 percent to 14.65 percent in FY 2012.

The report can be viewed at this link.

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    Report on Federal Employment of People with Disabilities