Report on Military/Veteran Caregivers

veteran and caregiverThe Elizabeth Dole Foundation commissioned the RAND Corporation to assess the needs of military caregivers (apparently interchangeable with veteran caregivers), find the services available to them, and identify how their needs are—and are not—being met.
Key findings include:

  • Along with typical caregiver responsibilities, military caregivers also act as case managers navigating multiple health systems, advocates for new treatment, and financial and legal representatives. Many are also raising children and holding jobs outside the home.
  • Studies indicate that caregivers in general suffer from physical strain and overall worse health and tend to put their own concerns behind those of the individuals for whom they are caring. Military caregivers suffer disproportionately from mental health problems and emotional distress.
  • Many government programs are still in their infancy, and community resources are scattered and uncoordinated. Difficulties are presented by differing eligibility criteria, lack of access, and the way caregivers’ needs change over time.

The report can be found at this link

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    Report on Military/Veteran Caregivers