CLASS Act Repealed as Part of Fiscal Cliff Deal

one wheel of a wheelchair The “fiscal cliff” bill (H.R. 8) repeals the CLASS Act, part of the health care reform package passed in 2010.  CLASS was intended to provide a $50-a-day cash benefit for long-term support and services, funded by voluntary contributions by enrolled workers. The Department of Health and Human Services shelved regulations for the Act in October 2011 because of doubts it would be financially feasible.
H.R. 8 also establishes a 15 member Commission on Long-Term Care, with the express purpose of generating recommendations for this difficult health care issue.  The Commission will have six months to prepare its report, which must be introduced in Congress on the first legislative day after it is submitted – but there is no requirement that it be voted on.

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    CLASS Act Repealed as Part of Fiscal Cliff Deal