VETERANS DAY CALL TO ACTION: Paralyzed Veterans of America Urges Communities to Tell Veterans about PAVE – a Program that’s Getting Our Nation’s Veterans Back to Work

Date:  October 30, 2012

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Lani Poblete at 202-416-7667

Washington, DC — This Veterans Day, Paralyzed Veterans of America is urging communities across the nation to help spread the word about its PAVE program (Paving Access for Veterans Employment), which helps unemployed veterans with disabilities find good jobs.

“If you know veterans with disabilities who are looking for good, competitive careers, please reach out to them and tell them about Paralyzed Veterans’ PAVE program. We are here to help them find good jobs,” said Bill Lawson, U.S. Army veteran, and national president of Paralyzed Veterans. “And if you’re a business owner, ask yourself if you have any veterans with disabilities working for you – and if not, then that’s a problem, but it’s a problem that we can solve together.”

Unemployment is the biggest issue facing our nation right now, with the toughest economy in a generation — and the unemployment rate is disproportionately higher for veterans with disabilities.
Through its Mission: ABLE campaign, Paralyzed Veterans of America is helping veterans obtain the three things they need most: care, benefits and jobs. PAVE, the jobs component of Mission: ABLE, is meeting the challenge of unemployment head on.

PAVE counselors’ assist disabled veterans looking for work by connecting directly with injured veterans at VA spinal cord injury centers across the country. The counselors empower veterans with the tools they need to secure good careers. PAVE counselors also engage employers with vacancies and educate them about the advantages of hiring veterans with disabilities. The program’s services are provided free of charge to all veterans thanks to the generous support of sponsors.

The PAVE program is currently working with more than 1600 clients across the country and has helped over 450 hard-to-place and/or disabled PAVE clients achieve their vocational objectives, more than half being good careers. PAVE program partners include well-known companies such as Walgreens, Best Buy and MicroSoft.

“Pay it forward for our unemployed veterans this Veterans Day,” added Paralyzed Veterans President Lawson. “Do something that is really going to make a difference and really going to change their lives. At the moment, for the many veterans who are unemployed, a good job and a lasting career is that ‘something’ that is really going to make all the difference for them and their families.”

Paralyzed Veterans of America is also honoring veterans by participating in the Veterans Day Ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, the Vietnam Wall and the World War II Memorial. A special Wall of Heroes web page is also available for people to post tributes and/or photos to honor the special veterans in their lives this Veterans Day. For more information about our Wall of Heroes and Veterans Day, please visit


Paralyzed Veterans of America was founded by a group of seriously injured American heroes from the “Greatest Generation” of World War II. They created a nonprofit organization to meet the challenges that they faced back in the 1940s — from a medical community not ready to treat them to an inaccessible world. For more than six decades, Paralyzed Veterans’ national office and its 34 chapters across the nation have been making America a better place for all veterans and people with disabilities. (

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    VETERANS DAY CALL TO ACTION: Paralyzed Veterans of America Urges Communities to Tell Veterans about PAVE – a Program that’s Getting Our Nation’s Veterans Back to Work