Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team Demonstrates Handcycles at 3rd Annual Prosthetics Day

Two handcyclists from the Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team joined the Washington DC VA Medical Center for the 3rd Annual Prosthetics Day.  Prosthetics Day showcased services and products that the VA Prosthetics Service provides to veterans.  Many VA contractors were on hand with prosthetic legs, respiratory equipment, and other great prosthetic devices.
Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team members Joe Beimfohr, Iraq Veteran, and Geoff Hopkins spent the day demonstrating different handcycles and speaking with veterans about the sport of handcycling, its tremendous benefits, and the Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team.  Both Beimfohr and Hopkins had been provided with handcycles through the VA Prosthetics system and are avid racers who compete in races throughout the country.
Two demonstration handcycles were set up on indoor trainers and many veterans (disabled and non-disabled) jumped on the bikes for a quick spin.  Many were amazed with the enjoyment of riding a handcycle and had questions about the equipment and the aerodynamics.
Beimfohr and Hopkins had a wonderful time sharing their experience and passion for the sport of handcycling.

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