Jeep Rebuild Project to Benefit Paralyzed Veterans of America

small American flag being heldA premier builder of custom Jeep Wranglers in Arizona is building out a custom Jeep to be auctioned in January 2015 to benefit Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Camp Crocker, owner of Crocker Off Road Performance in Phoenix, Ariz., with the help of members of Paralyzed Veterans’ Arizona Chapter, will turn a brand new Jeep into a custom off-road show truck this summer.

The Jeep – donated by dealership owner Jim Rydell – will be available for auction at the Barrett-Jackson auto auction in Scottsdale, Ariz., in January, with all proceeds from the sale benefiting Paralyzed Veterans of America.

“I’ve been doing military builds and builds for disabled soldiers for the better part of my career, and my heart lies with disabled soldiers,” Crocker said. “Paralyzed Veterans of America is the leader in helping severely disabled soldiers, so this really is near and dear to my heart.”

Crocker said the plan for the Jeep design will be similar to a patriotic-themed Jeep he designed in 2007 that always garners a great deal of attention. The idea, he said, is to keep the design clean, though he is open to suggestions from his design team and Paralyzed Veterans of America members.

The hope is to complete the Jeep rebuild by early August 2014, which will give Crocker and Paralyzed Veterans several months to display the Jeep for promotions or fundraisers before the vehicle goes up for auction in January, Crocker said.  “We have plenty of time to turn this into a big deal,” he said. 

Crocker also is the owner of Wheelchair Caddy, which develops manual and rigid wheelchair protection systems that help caregivers load and unload a wheelchair with limited effort. The product also enables wheelchair users to travel with their wheelchair on an airline without fear of it being broken or damaged.

“We thank Camp Crocker and his team for helping to raise awareness and funds for our organization through the Jeep Rebuild Project,” said Bill Lawson, national president of Paralyzed Veterans of America. ”Through this project, we hope to engage veterans in the community to help rebuild this custom Jeep, which will be auctioned off to benefit Paralyzed Veterans’ free programs and services for veterans.”

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Brittany Ballenstedt is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in several publications, including Government Executive, National Journal, Technology Daily and  


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    Jeep Rebuild Project to Benefit Paralyzed Veterans of America