Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team Earn Top Finishes in Redlands Classic

Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team members at 2014 Redlands Classic
View more photos from Paralyzed Veterans Racing at the 2014 Redlands Classic at this link. Photos by Josh Branstetter.
More than 20 members of Paralyzed Veterans of America and Paralyzed Veterans Racing took home strong finishes in the Redlands Bicycle Classic in Southern California April 2-6, 2014.

The Redlands Bicycle Classic – which includes a seven-mile time trial race, a seven-lap, three-mile circuit road race, and two course Criteriums – resulted in strong overall finishes for several members of the Paralyzed Veterans Racing team and/or Paralyzed Veterans of America.

In the H1 category, Paralyzed Veterans Racing team member Will Groulx took first place, while Paralyzed Veterans of America member David Randall and Paralyzed Veterans racer Craig Cornwall took home first and fifth place finishes in the H2 category, with times of 21:03 and 22:31, respectively.

It was a complete podium sweep for Paralyzed Veterans racers in the H3 class, with racers Gerard Ah-Fook (21:03), Carlos Moleda (21:04) and Seth Arsenau (21:13) earning top finishes. Alfredo de Los Santos, Robert Puckett and Michael Frazier took home top finishes in the H4 category.

“Gerard Ah-Fook had the best show at the event,” said Jody Shiflett, adaptive cycling program consultant at Paralyzed Veterans of America. “He had been coming on strong and ended up doing really well in his event.”

In the Recumbent category, Matthew Rodriguez, Bruce Kuker and Adam Allen finished in second, third and fifth place, respectively. Paralyzed Veterans racer Tammy Landeen finished in second place overall in the women’s H3 class.

The Redland Bicycle Classic is the longest continuous running stage race in American bike racing. Launched on Memorial Day in 1985, the race is well known for hosting future stars for the Olympics, Tour de France and world championships.

““Redlands is one of the best races we have throughout the year; it’s a really good race to start the season,” said Paralyzed Veterans racer Carlos Moleda. “Most everyone from the west goes to the race because most of the races are held in the east and the south. It’s a good chance for everybody who lives on the west coast who can’t travel to be able to compete against a really good field of racers.”

Paralyzed Veterans of America thanks Hertz and Penske for providing vehicles to help transport the athletes and equipment for the Redlands Classic. This year’s Redlands Classic included a record number of Paralyzed Veterans of America athletes, Shiflett said.

“When we take more people, we have more of an impact,” he said. “I wouldn’t say we were dominating, but everyone definitely knew we were there.”

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    Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team Earn Top Finishes in Redlands Classic