50 Ideas for More Accessible Elections

vote buttonThe Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) received a grant from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to improve the accessibility of elections for voters with disabilities. As part of this effort, ITIF partnered with OpenIDEO to hold a public design challenge around the question, “How might we design an accessible election experience for everyone?” ITIF also held two design workshops where they brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, including voting technology vendors, security experts, election officials, people with disabilities, accessibility advocates, designers, and researchers from various fields, to work together to generate concepts that could help make the voting process more accessible.

This report highlights fifty ideas, both big and small, that were generated during this process. Some of these ideas have already been implemented in a few elections and represent emerging best practices; others are still in the early design phase. Our hope is that these ideas will spur others to continue to innovate and pursue new ways of making elections more accessible for all Americans.

50 Ideas for More Accessible Elections

  1. Virtual “I Voted!” stickers
  2. Preferences on voter registration forms
  3. A genius bar for voting
  4. Easy-to-adjust voting systems screens
  5. A “Yelp” for polling places
  6. Voter communication profiles
  7. Online poll place accessibility information
  8. An easier-to-grip smartcard
  9. Vote-pools
  10. Schedule a mobility tour
  11. Hire people with disabilities as poll workers
  12. Make online forms fully accessible
  13. Easy to read election information
  14. Drive-through voting
  15. Mobile-friendly election web sites
  16. Add captions to videos
  17. Election kiosks in care facilities
  18. Ready-to-vote toolkit
  19. See. Click. Fix.
  20. Self-assessment tools to check election accessibility
  21. Interactive voter’s guide
  22. Voter assistants
  23. Reminders for voters
  24. Use familiar technology for voting
  25. Learn a few signs
  26. Mark ballots anywhere
  27. Accessibility advice app
  28. Use QR codes to enter long URLs
  29. A voter help hub
  30. Interactive guide to prepare to vote
  31. Crowdsource subtitles for videos
  32. Online wait times
  33. Use students as poll workers
  34. Create a virtual suggestion box
  35. Voting vans
  36. Polling place accessibility map
  37. Better signage
  38. An innovators network for poll workers
  39. Open election information
  40. Online poll worker training
  41. Community voter advocates
  42. Disperse the queue
  43. Pop-up polling places
  44. Mail an absentee voting device
  45. Tell a story. Enact a scene.
  46. Barcodes to transfer voting choices
  47. Standards for assistive devices
  48. Tap it to configure it
  49. Simplify the interaction
  50. Preferences on voter registration cards

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    50 Ideas for More Accessible Elections