2015 Research Foundation Grant Recipient: Dr. Mary Filipi

Assessing the Role of the CYP2J2 Gene and Serum Vitamin D levels in Multiple Sclerosis

Mary Filipi, PhD
Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska dba Nebraska Medical Center
$110,839 (2 Years)

The goal of this study is to determine if the human equivalent of the CYP2J2 gene is associated with low vitamin D levels and the presence of multiple sclerosis (MS). The relationship of other indicators found in the blood to vitamin D levels will be explored also to determine if there are other existing conditions which would cause changes. This will be done by:

  1. Obtaining serum from 220 subjects with a laboratory supported diagnosis of MS and compare the presence of the CYP2J2 gene with 220 unaffected subjects acting as controls.
  2. Obtaining serum to test for calcium, vitamin D binding protein, prolactin, and bone- specific alkaline phosphates levels. Samples will be collected within 3 months to eliminate seasonal bias. Correlation will be done with these values and the gene markers.

This will be the only study of its kind. It is felt that the CYP2J2 gene may be used as a disease indicator or assist in treatment selection for those with MS.  The gene may also be linked with other autoimmune diseases.