2015 Research Foundation Grant Recipient: Dr. Lynnette Montgomery

Role of Vasopressin in Spinal Cord Injury Induced Polyuria

Lynnette Montgomery, PhD
University of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc.
$100,000 (2 Years)


  • 2015 Fritz Krauth Memorial Fellow Award Recipient

Spinal cord injury (SCI) affects thousands of individuals in the US every year. One disorder seen after SCI is excessive urine production (polyuria. This leads to disrupted sleep and frequent bladder catheterizations, putting the individual at risk for developing urinary complications. While alleviating polyuria will improve the quality of life in SCI individuals, this area remains understudied.

The amount of urine produced is controlled by vasopressin (ADH).When there is a lot of water in the blood, ADH secretion decreases, causing increased urination.When there is little water (i.e. during exercise), ADH secretion increases, causing decreased urination.Preliminary work in our lab shows that ADH decreases following SCI.My project aims to investigate the mechanisms by which this decrease occurs and whether medication or exercise aimed at increasing ADH levels following SCI will alleviate signs of polyuria following SCI.