2015 Research Foundation Grant Recipient: Dr. Hassan Karimi

Personalized Accessibility Location Services (PALS) for Wheelchair Users

Hassan Karimi, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
$144,121 (2 Years)

In this project we will develop a prototype Personalized Accessibility Location Services (PALS). The purpose of PALS is to assist wheelchair users with wayfinding and navigation outdoors. PALS has three components:

  1. A Personalized Accessibility Map (PAM);
  2. A Social Navigation Network (SoNavNet); and
  3. A Personalized Navigation Service (PNS).

The purpose of PAM is to provide the location of accessible routes in the wheelchair user’s environment. The purpose of SoNavNet is to allow members (wheelchair users) to share and exchange their wayfinding and navigation experiences with other members. The purpose of PNS is to provide real-time guidance to wheelchair users on chosen routes. The prototype PALS will be tested for system performance and by wheelchair users. The goal of the proposed project is to prototype PALS so that it meets the specifics needs and preferences of wheelchair users, including those who are Veterans.